Frequently Asked Questions

So who does the farming for

We have a network of experienced farm managers and peasant farmers working with extension workers to deliver a dedicated farming experience to any one who farms here. Each farm will benefit from about 10 years combined farming experience of the farmer, farm manager and extension worker. Sadly we have no room in this process for beginner farmers or amateur ones because we can not risk the hard earned funds our clients have put into this venture.

Is the process insured, would I loose any money?

The purpose of the insurance is to ensure that you loose no money at all. Yes the process is insured with a leading insurance company.

How much does it cost to start? Can people pay at once?

To start, we have divided the process into stages. You would be required to pay ONLY when it gets to the stage of progress. For instance, You are required to first pay for the land and its clearing. When that is completed, You receive a certificate authenticating what you have paid for. For every stage, you would receive a certificate or document stating what you paid for and the stage it is currently. To pay at once, kindly send us an email. Scroll BELOW and click PAY AT ONCE as subject. We would allow the “once payment” only on specific conditions because we primarily want this site to offer affordable means of farming with small easy periodic payments without putting anyone under any pressure.

What is the final deliverable?

It is either the PROCESSED PRODUCT or the VALUE/ COST of the processed product EXCLUSIVELY

Is processing compulsory?

Yes, it is a new update in our process which helps us make more money and avoid wastage due to spoilages on the farm. It is the only way we can keep doing business. As we also stated, we are doing it with NO strait jacketed timelines for sale.

Note that: We estimate the timelines from the beginning and give changes / updates as they occur on the field.

Can I visit the farm?

Absolutely. You would be allowed to visit the farm. However, you would have to book to visit the farm and it would be a maximum of 4 times. Our pre booking system allows you choose a date and we would contact you to know if the date has not clashed with someone elses own and is convenient for the farm manager. We aim to ensure your chosen date is made a reality.

What crops do you cultivate and what states are your farms located?

We are working on about 40 local consumption and exportable crops. Click HERE for a full list of our current crop list. Our farms are scattered around over 28 states of Nigeria. We intend to have farms for your desired crops close to you. However, some regions are best suited for the cultivation of certain crops and we would not risk cultivating those crops in alien environments.

Why do the prices remain the same even though it may be cheaper to get land in certain areas?

The reason is that we have tried to create a balance in the pricing. We discovered that some virgin lands exist that are actually cheaper in some regions but to clear such virgin lands cost a lot more than in other areas. In some other areas, certain local cultures exist which demand certain payments every farming season.
ALL these issues have been put into consideration in order to have a seamless process and to ensure the best service. These costs are actually the lowest costs negotiated.